Transdermal technology uses a chemical carrier to deliver medication through the skin directly to the disease site.

Conventional Approach:

Many conventional transdermal methods are designed to provide continuous delivery and sustained drug levels within the blood. These drugs, formulated into a patch or a gel, are applied to the skin. They then pass into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. By taking this path, these topicals act the same as oral medications, making them less than ideal for treating localized conditions.

FLAMEK's Approach:

The company's technology platform, a transcellular carrier, is designed to deliver drugs through the skin directly to the disease site. Unlike other topical medications, the company's transcellular products do not rely on bloodstream circulation. Drugs built on the company's transcellular platform provide site-specific treatment without exposing the entire body to potentially harmful chemical agents. The topical administration of well-known analgesics can localize drug concentrations at the point where the pain signals originate, resulting in dramatically lower systemic blood levels. We believe this results in a new treatment strategy that provides significant pain relief, with fewer adverse side effects, fewer drug to drug interactions and lower potential for abuse.


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